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Organic Wine at The Greenhouse


The Greenhouse has the widest range of exclusively organic and vegan wines in Norwich. Most of our wines are European, many are biodynamic, and some are made without adding sulphur dioxide.

Wine is often a blind spot for the sustainable consumer. People committed to organic produce will still buy wine from grapes grown using pesticides, fungicides and chemical fertilisers. But if you’re alive to the effect agri-chemicals have on your health and on your environment, it makes sense to extend that awareness to the wine you drink – after all, it is part of your diet.

And grapes are one of the most heavily-sprayed of all fresh foodstuffs. As they are bursting with sugar, lots of other species find them just as desirable as we humans. They are delicate and thin-skinned, and vulnerable to fungal diseases, rot and mildew. And as they are a valuable and high-priced agricultural crop, they are often subjected to agri-chemical excesses. This reduces the biodiversity of a vineyard, as birds, bees and innumerable micro-organisms in the soil fall foul of the sprays. Few landscapes are as aggressively monocultural as agri-chemical vineyards.

Tenuta le Cave
Vegetarians and vegans can sometimes “look the other way” when it comes to wine. But the fining agents used in most wines make them unsuitable for those diets. Edible gelatine, isinglass (a substance derived from fish bladders), egg white or casein (a milk protein) are customarily passed through wines to remove spent yeast cells and other sedimentary deposits. By contrast, the wines in the Greenhouse are either fined gravitationally (ie, with time and patience most deposits will work their way to the bottom of the tank), or with bentonite, a naturally occurring inert clay which expands in water.

The wines at the Greenhouse are not just about eliminating bad practices – they are about supporting good ones, and enjoying the fruits of sustainable labours. As wine has become heavily influenced by globalisation, homogeneity has taken hold, and in a world of hundreds upon hundreds of grape varieties, most commercial wines are made from a handful of “international” varieties. These wines are often made using industrial aromatic yeasts, which give the wines a recognisable “flavour profile”.

The wines at the Greenhouse celebrate variety, individuality and authenticity. Most of these wines come from small European vineyards, of fewer than 20 hectares, and are made using indigenous yeasts, rather than aromatic industrial strains. Our wines are made with a minimum of fining and filtration, to safeguard their character and individuality.

The emphasis within our organic range is about stocking wines that are pleasurable to drink. So whether your preference is for dry English whites, or full-bodied Spanish reds, one of our 70-odd wines will be sure to please. And if you’d like to taste a handful on the same evening, we run regular themed wine tastings in our café.

Bespoke wine tasting evenings are available by prior arrangement. Click here to tell us your requirements.

Organic Wine Tastings at the Greenhouse



What is Natural Wine?

Organic Wine Tasting

10th May 2019

5.30 – 7.30pm, £20 in advance only




volunteers in forty hall vineyard

English Sparkling Wine: A Social Enterprise

Organic Wine Tasting, featuring a speaker from Forty Hall Vineyard

Friday 15th February

5.30pm start (Finish 7.30 appx.)

£15 in advance only (early booking advised)


Please leave your email if you would like to join the waiting list


Rising From The Ashes

Organic Wine Tasting

Friday 14th December, 7.30pm

£25 in advance only (early booking advised)



Lunchtime Tippling With Tom

Friday 14th December, 12 noon till 1pm

A potted version of the above tasting.  These intimate gatherings are more dialogic, let you taste when your palate is cleaner, and allow those who struggle for affordable transport home on a Friday night to join in the fun! Taste four wines from Casa de Mouraz.  Places cost £10 per person, with lunch available to buy in the cafe afterwards.  Pop into the shop to book your place, or click here to contact us  through this website.

Mixed cases of organic & vegan wine

Want a good selection for a variety of moods and meals?

Choose from Affordable, Discerning, Organic; No Added Sulphur; Biodynamic; New Zealand; and Sparkling

You’ll save time and the agonies of choice; you might discover something a new favourite; and you’ll definitely save at least 10% of the combined price of the bottles.


Seen Through New Eyes

Organic Wine Tasting

SATURDAY 4th August, 7.30pm

£25 in advance only

New Roots

Organic Wine Tasting

Friday 22nd June




Fairtrade Celebration

An evening of Fairtrade, fairly traded, organic food and wine.

9th March 2018



Befitting The Season

Organic Wine Tasting

Friday 8th December sold out

Extra date: Saturday 9th December, 7.30pm

£22 in advance only (early booking advised)

What Could it be this Time?

A Blind Tasting of Organic Wines

SATURDAY 21st October


£22 in advance only (early booking advised)


Cult of Maturity

Organic Wine Tasting

Friday 15th September


£22 in advance only (early booking advised)


Turning Water into Wine

Organic Wine Tasting

Friday 11th August


£22 in advance only (early booking advised)


What are they talking about?

A Comparative Organic Wine Tasting

Friday 7th July, 7.30pm

£22 in advance only (early booking advised)

Value(s) for Money

A tasting of organic Chardonnay & Pinot Noir

Friday 19th May

7.30pm; £22 in advance only



Organic Wine Tasting

Friday 7th April

7.30 pm; £20; places must be booked at least two days in advance.


contact us through the website if you’d like us to run this event again


Organic Wine Tasting

Friday 17th February

7.30pm; £20 in advance only





Organic Wine Tasting

Saturday 10th December, 7.30pm



Or, Doing a lot with what you have

Organic Wine Tasting

Fasoli Gino poppies

Friday 4th November


£20 in advance only

(places must be booked two days in advance)


Organic Wine Tasting


Friday 19th August, 7.30pm

£17 before 15th August
£19 thereafter

click here for further information


Pride - Greenhouse Website image

MEINKLANGMeinklang unpruned vine

Organic Wine Tasting

Friday July 8th, 7.30pm.

£15 before Tuesday July 5th,

£17 thereafter

Like refreshing whites but never tried Gruner Veltliner?  Want ripe reds but lower alcohol?  Never tried Traminer Icewine?  Interested in natural wine, biodynamics, sustainable viticulture?  Best come along.

Valuing and Investing in Soil: 

Farming as a solution to climate change

Ringstead Farm imagePeterMelchett picture


Talk by Peter Melchett – Policy Director of the Soil Association

English wine tasting

presentation by Investing Ethically


Wine Tasting: 


Friday 8th April

7.30pm (till 10.30 approx.)  £15 until Friday 1st April; £17 afterwards.

You don’t have to pay a fortune for a good organic wine.  Half of our range at the Greenhouse costs less than £10 a bottle.  Our latest tasting is designed to show how enjoyable and varied wines in that price bracket can be.


For the Love of Port

Organic Wine Tasting

Friday February 19th, 7.30 till 10pm approx.

£20 until February 12th; £25 thereafter

The Douro Valley is the world’s largest area of mountain vineyard, and a UNESCO world heritage site.  The grapes from these slopes make one of the world’s most famous fortified wines – Port.  It’s a unique beverage – sweet but not cloying, full bodied, food friendly and versatile.  They match cheeses, nuts, dried fruits and desserts.  Come along for the proof.



Organic Wine Tasting

What Could It Be?

SATURDAY 12th December is our next organic wine tasting, from 7.30 till 10.30pm approx.  The evening is shrouded in mystery, as it will be our first blind tasting.  There will be two whites, three reds and a sweet wine – but we won’t tell you anything else till you’ve tasted!



Organic Wine Tasting – Wine and Soil

Friday 6th November, 7.30pmwine - wineAndSoil2015
Tom will be joined by Maggie, Chair of Trustees at the Greenhouse and our resident soil expert, to present six wines from differing terrains. We’ll examine (and taste!) the impact of soil type, texture and fertility on wine. Biodynamic Muscadet, Sancerre, Rhone red and fortified Malbec all feature on this varied menu.



Baby grapesOrganic Wine Tasting – (Re)Discover Italy

Friday September 11th, 7.30pm till 10.30pm
Our next organic wine tasting invites you to ‘(Re)discover Italy’. In an increasingly homogenised age, when a dozen “international” grape varieties dominate the wine shelves, Italy is home to 350 registered grape varieties, with another 500 thought to be in circulation. You can discover, or revisit, Dolcetto, Verdicchio, Nero d’Avola and more at the Greenhouse. Ticket price includes a light taster plate of seasonal, organic produce.

UK 2080Organic Wine Tasting – Wine in a Changing Climate

Friday 17th July, 7.30 -10pm approx. An organic wine tasting at the Greenhouse.
£17 when booked by 10th July, £20 thereafter.
Price includes organic tapas.

‘Wine in a Changing Climate’ will explore the impact climate change is having on wine regions and wine style. We’ll be talking about temperature rise, water stress and extreme weathers as we taste wines from emerging and endangered areas.

wineTastingGrapes2015Organic Wine Tasting – Pleasure Without Consequence

An organic wine tasting Without Added Sulphur
Friday 8th May 2015 7.30pm

Wine-OldCountry2015Organic Wine Tasting – Good Old Country Comforts

A tasting of Big Bodied Iberian Reds
Friday 27th February 2015 7.30pm


bodiam_in_snowOrganic Wine Tasting – Sustainable Indulgences

A tasting of organic wines fit for the season.
Friday 12th December 7.30pm

EnglishWine2014Organic Wine Tasting – Do You Have Anything English?

An Evening of Organic English Wine Tasting
Friday 24th September 7.30pm
£13 in advance / £15 on the door

Rhone_Wine2014Organic Wine Tasting – The Southern Rhône

A Tasting of Organic Rhône Valley Reds
Friday 12th September 2014 7:30pm

Terrior 2014Organic Wine Tasting – Don’t Be Afraid of Terroir

A tasting of Classic Organic French Wines
Friday 15th August 2014 7:30pm

No Added Sulphur 2014 WineOrganic Wine Tasting – A Purer Form of Fun

A tasting without added sulphur
Friday 11th July 2014 7:30pm

cafewine_oldOrganic Wine Tasting – Vins de France, Sans Pesticides

With breads and spreads included in the ticket price, the £10 ticket offers as good a value as the bottle prices of the wines. We hope to show that organic is about improving access to clean and flavoursome wine, whilst behaving conscientiously towards our environment.
Friday May 23rd 2014, 7:30pm

wine sweetness 2014Organic Wine Tasting – A Journey into Sweetness

An evening of sweet delights, combining organic and vegan wines (and a liqueur!) with a dessert plate of three homemade organic treats.
Friday March 28th 2014, 8:00pm

Organic Sulphure free Vegan WineOrganic Wine Tasting – Valentine’s Meal

Two glasses of wine with a two course meal and three more wines to taste.
Friday February 14th 2014, 6:30pm


davenport-vineyard-11-11-01-34Organic Wine Tasting – The Heavenly Taste

A tasting of festive organic wines
Friday December 13th 2013, 7:30pm

Corvina_driedgrapes_foAmaroneOrganic Wine Tasting – Finer Things

A tasting of select organic wines
Friday October 25th 2013, 7:30pm

Wine Tasting at Grapes Hill Sept 28th 2013Organic Wine Tasting – Grapes Hill

@ Grapes Hill community garden
Friday October 5th 2013, 7:30pm

bread-and-wine-chalk-drawingOrganic Wine Tasting – Bread and Wine

A tasting without added yeast
Friday July 12th 2013, 7:30pm

wine tasting 2013 HenryOrganic Wine Tasting – Meet The Maker

Friday 26th April 2013
Wine Tasting at the Greenhouse
An evening of Biodynamic Gastronomy

Just drinking 2013 wine tastingOrganic Wine Tasting – Just Drinking

A Tasting of Organic & Fairly-Traded Wines
7.30pm, Friday 22nd February 2013
Lesley Atkins, from Vinceremos Wines, the specialist importer and wholesaler, will introduce six vegan wines.


bodiam_in_snowOrganic Wine Tasting – Celebration At Home

An Organic English Wine Tasting
Friday 14th December 7:30pm
As the photo may suggest, grape growing isn’t always easy going in England, and it can be trickier still if you’re using organic methods.
And yet, quality organic wines can be found in England, and you can taste six of them at our latest wine event.

no_sulphur_wine_tasting2012Organic Wine Tasting – Wine Not Punishment

A Tasting Without Added Sulphur, Friday September 14th, 7.30pm, 2012
The organic and vegan wine keeps flowing at the Greenhouse – and this time they’re all made without the addition of sulphites to boot! Good news if you suffer from asthma, migraine, “wine headache”, bad hangovers… or if you just want to taste good, unadulterated wine…

french wine july 2012Organic Wine Tasting – Loire Whites & Rhone Reds

Friday July 20th 2012 at the Greenhouse, tasting good wine, sampling good food and enjoying good company.
A place at Loire Whites and Rhone Reds costs £12 (including complementary food).