Wine for the Weekend


Wine shelves
Friday evenings, 5-9pm

@ The Greenhouse
42-46 Bethel Street
Norwich NR2 1NR
FB: Organic-Wine-Norwich

From the Languedoc to the Loire, from Marlborough to Mendoza, organic vineyards are multiplying. Worldwide, the acreage almost tripled between 2004 and 2011; organic wine now accounts for 4 to 5% of global wine production.

That might surprise you. Are one in twenty wines in the supermarket organic? How about on the wine lists of the restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars you frequent? And if you can find organic wines, is there much of a range in style or price?

If you’ve been to the Greenhouse recently, you’ve probably noticed our range of organic and vegan wines steadily increase – we now have about 70 on offer, with France, Spain, Italy, England, Austria, and Portugal well represented, plus a handful of exceptional wines from further afield. Bottle prices start at £6.95, and two thirds of the range costs under £12.

We want to put those wines at the forefront of your Greenhouse experience, and starting on 15th April, we’ll be opening on Friday evenings, allowing you to pop in and taste the quality and diversity organic wine can offer. Each week, we will be offering two themed, featured wines to taste, and to buy by the glass. (We’ll announce the theme in advance on our Facebook page.) Our new house wines will also be available by the glass, as will a featured dessert wine.

The day-time café menu will be replaced by three tasting plates, one of breads and olive oil, one of cheeses, another comprised of a seasonal pesto, olives and hummus, so you can nibble as you sup, exploring different flavour combinations. You can round off your evening, and accompany your dessert wine, with a featured sweet offering. The food, like the wine, is organic.

We want to give you a calm, sociable and unpretentious space, in which you can relax, chat and discover organic wines. And if you want to get comfortable, you can buy a bottle (or half bottle) for shelf price, plus £5 corkage, allowing you to drink quality wines for affordable prices. The shop will also be open, so you can buy wine for the weekend, or get ahead on your weekend’s shopping.
We look forward to introducing you to good, affordable organic wines.
Just pop in!