pride 2016


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Any colour as long as it’s pink

Taste organic rosé with Pride.

It’s not white; it’s not red; it is, perhaps, the third way. The path less trodden. Mass market versions have made some unhelpful associations. Remember Mateus? How about Blossom Hill? Pinot Grigio blush?

But rosé can be serious. And good. Come along to the Greenhouse on 30th July to find out. In our courtyard of surprises, alongside second hand books, CDs and vinyl, will be a wine tasting table, offering three organic, vegan, and dry rosés for you to taste.

So what is rosé? A blend of white and red, right? For budget plonk in Australia and South Africa, yes. But EU winemaking law prohibits blending red and white wine to make rosé, legislation which came under pressure in 2009, but which was eventually upheld.

And so the traditional method of allowing the juice of crushed grapes to macerate on their own skins for a carefully measured period of time, infusing the wine with its pink colour, remains the norm.

Rosés make perfect lunchtime and afternoon tipples, especially if the weather is kind, and the sun out. Our ‘La Marouette’ Pays d’Oc, from the south of France, has the kind of strawberry aromas and flavours that makes rosé such a refreshing choice.

Then we have two wines from Provence, the cradle of pink. From Jas d’Esclans, a Provence Cru Classé producer (one of 23 domains of exceptional quality), comes two vintages of a Côtes du Provence. Made from a blend of Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah, this wine has notes of watermelon, grapefruit and a little white pepper spice on the finish.

We have two vintages available of this wine, so we have the opportunity to taste how a rosé ages. Whereas most pink wines are about freshness, and as soon as they’re bottles they begin to diminish, better rosés have texture, weight and mouthfeel, and won’t fall apart soon after bottling.

At least, that’s our assessment; but please come out on the 30th to make your own. Tasters are free.

  • ‘La Marouette’ Pays d’Oc IGP 2014

Grenache rosé 12% abv. Bottle price £8.95

  • Jas d’Esclans Côtes du Provence AOC 2013

Cru Classé. 13.5% abv. Bottle price £6.95 (37.5cl)

  • Jas d’Esclans Côtes du Provence AOC 2015

Crus Classé 12.5% abv. Bottle price £12.50