Mixed cases of wine 2016


Want a good selection for a variety of moods and meals?

We’re offering three mixed cases (6 bottles to a case, 3 whites & 3 reds unless stated), to save you time and perhaps help you discover something new.

Also, you’ll save at least 5% off the combined price of the bottles…

Montirius poppies


Drink sustainably this Christmas. Organic viticulture eschews chemicals, renews soil fertility and encourages biodiversity. And that’s without mentioning the fantastic range of authentic flavours. Or the painless mornings after.

Pont de Caylus, Côtes de Gascogne, Terroirs Vivants 2015

Camino Blanco, (Sauvignon Blanc / Moscatel) Parra Jiminez 2015

Soave Borgoletto, Fasoli Gino, 2015

Aglianico, Era, 2011

Rioja Joven, Usoa de Bagordi, Bodegas Bagordi, 2014

Tempranillo, Dominio de Punctum 2014

Wine shelves

NO ADDED SULPHUR £65 (2 whites, 4 reds)

If you suffer from migraines, asthma or other respiratory issues, our range of No Added Sulphur wines can help. Many wine drinkers find the purity of process appealing, and the flavours of the wines more fruity and vivacious.

Pinot Grigio Animae Perlage 2015

Gavi Spinola Castello di Tassarolo 2015

Tempranillo Cuesta Colora, Parra Jiminez 2015

Nero d’Avola Insieme Santa Tresa 2015

La Marouette Sans Sulfite (Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon)Pays d’Oc, Terroirs Vivants 2015

Valréas, Domaine Grande Bellane 2015

wine - wineAndSoil2015


Biodynamic wines have a reputation for quality, appealing even to drinkers who have previously had little interest in organics. Biodynamic farming has the same basic tenets as organics, with additional stipulations, including working with lunar cycles, and treating plants and soils with herbal preparations, to encourage growth and fertility.

Gavi Spinola, Castello di Tassarolo 2015

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, Pievalta 2015

Grüner Veltliner, Meinklang 2015

Pinot Noir, Meinklang, 2013

Le Village, Vacqueyras, Montirius 2012

Titouan Barbera, Castello di Tassarolo, 2013


Enjoyed a particular tasting event from this year? Tom will be happy to put together a case of wines from that night, to help you re-live the occasion. Or if you have any more exacting vinous preferences, give him a week’s notice and he can put together a selection to suit. You can contact him at wine@greenhousetrust.co.uk