June 10th Peter Melchett

Ringstead Farm image

Valuing and Investing in Soil: Farming

as a solution to climate change


Friday June 10th; 7pm for 7.30pm start

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Talk by Peter Melchett, Policy Director of the Soil Association

English wine tasting

presentation by Investing Ethically

Silent Auction



Peter Melchett, Policy Director of the Soil Association, and owner of Ringstead Organic Farm in north Norfolk is our main speaker. We will also be joined by Andy Hockaday from the Norwich based Investing Ethically, who will introduce some of the potential investment solutions around climate change and food production.

Soils, farming, flooding, carbon: The low-lying and flood vulnerable East Anglia has a long tradition of farming with some of the UK’s best agricultural soils. These soils are also an important carbon store, particularly the lowland peaty soils. If they are damaged, peat soils produce greenhouse gases, so protecting them helps to fight climate change. As climate change bites, we will need to make decisions about how to balance the demands on our land and soils: for flood protection, food production, and carbon storage. Farmers will play an important role, as will consumers, and residents.

This event is part of the Norfolk and Norwich and Open Studios Festival and is part of an ongoing series of Climate Change Challenge exhibitions. INUNDATION includes a silent auction to help fund-raise for future climate change related activities and we hope you will want to support and encourage friends to visit the Gallery

Producing organic wine in the UK is a real labour of love. Whereas the hot, dry conditions of La Mancha in Spain or France’s Alsace have low disease pressure and suggest themselves to organic viticulture, our Land of Damp and Fungus means organic grape growers have to be proactive and vigilant to get a ripe, clean crop. Consequently, only half a dozen of the 135 commercial wine producers in the UK are certified organic.

The UK’s winemaking reputation is based on the quality of its sparkling wines. Davenport’s 2010 Limney Estate sparkling wine won medals at the Decanter World Wine Awards, and UK Vineyard’s Association awards in 2015. The UK also produces aromatic and fresh still white wines. We will taste the new vintage of Davenport’s ‘Horsmonden Dry White’, also decorated by the UKVA. It has the expansive fruitiness more often associated with New Zealand whites. Our cool climate and limited sunshine makes full-bodied UK reds an unlikely proposition, but the warming the UK has already experienced is expanding the number of grape varieties which can be planted, and Davenport’s ‘Diamond Fields’ Pinot Noir is impressively ripe, with juicy redcurrant and strawberry flavours.

Wines to taste on the evening:

  1. ‘Limney Estate’ – Sparkling Wine, Davenport 2010 12% abv. Shop price £27.50

  2. ‘Horsmonden’ – dry white, Davenport 2014 11.5% abv. £14.95

  3. ‘Diamond Fields’ – Pinot Noir, Davenport 2014 12% abv. £18.95