Job – CookManager 2016

Recruiting for 2016

2 – 5 days (14 – 35hrs) £7.20 per hr.
To be offered either as two part-time posts or a full-time position
depending on the level of experience and the candidate/s circumstances.   

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cafe counter
As cook you will be delivering a friendly front of house/all food related services as well as training and supporting volunteers in the delivering a set menu. Food is prepared on the premises using local vegetables and organic and Fairtrade goods supplied by Suma (the UK’s largest independent food co-operative). You will need to demonstrate clearly your ability to run the Café as the sole member of staff, working in conjunction with volunteers, who are keen to learn and assist you deliver the services. The number of covers in any one day ranges from 20 – 60, with Saturday being a key trading day.

The Café is open 10am- 4.30pm Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm on Saturdays. The Greenhouse holds evening and weekend fund raising/educational events, including vegan/organic wine tastings and private views for the gallery on the first floor. The Trust and company are keen to develop these wine and food events as part of our  eco-agriculture/healthy food education work. You will be expected to have a keen interest and/or knowledge of these issues. The menu also caters for people with specific dietary needs, including vegan, sugar and gluten free. You will need an understanding of these dietary/medical conditions.

If you are interested in this post, please complete the form (application form).  Applications can be made by email ( at any time until the 28th November.  You may send your CV as an attachment if you wish (It is not a requirement). However, please make sure that all the information you want considered is on the application form. It is a requirement of this post that you live in Norwich.

A work trial period will be offered to suitable applicants during December 2015. You will be paid, to work alongside the current cook to allow you  to decide if you want the job and are able to deliver the services.

As a full-time post the working week will be Tuesday to Saturday, as a part-time job you will need to be able to work from Tuesday or from Thursday in order to cover the start or the end of the week. Please indicate clearly if there are any restrictions on your availability and/or affirm your flexibility if the post is offered as a part-time work.


  • As cook, or together with the other part-time cook, you will oversee and manage the:
  • Delivery of a set menu that provides and promotes sustainable food, while ensuring a profit for the Greenhouse Trust.
  • Supervision, training and involvement of volunteers in the café in order to provide an efficient and friendly (licensed) café, which promotes the ethos of the Charity.
  • Opening up/closing down of the café service.
  • Ordering and maintenance of adequate levels of catering stock, veg and food, together with minimisation of food waste.
  • Maintenance of food pricing mechanisms that allow the Company to supply best quality ingredients and promote local economic trading.
  • Use of tills, card machine and training volunteers to deliver these services.
  • Communication of management information to volunteers.
  • Keep a clean and tidy environment, with appropriate food hygiene standards.
  • All other tasks associated with the Café.

The Greenhouse is owned and run by an environmental education charity, with a wholly owned trading company (Green City Central Ltd.) which is  responsible for providing the services for the Greenhouse Trust (Charity No. 1037992). The café provides quality organic and local food to the visitors and customers, enabling them to lower the carbon footprint, be part of the international organic movement and enjoy the health and environmental benefits of vegetarian food, whilst also generating income for the Greenhouse Trust.