Greenhouse Who’s Who

Who’s Who at the Greenhouse


Lord Joel Joffe CBE, (deceased)

In Memorium

Joel Joffe, later Lord Joffe, has died aged 85. As the instructing solicitor for Nelson Mandela’s defense team at the Rivonia trial of 1963-64, Lord Joffe played a key role in helping the future South African president and others avoid the death penalty.

Joel was born in Johannesburg to Jewish immigrant parents who had met and married in South Africa. He planned to emigrate to Australia after the Rivonia trial. However, as a consequence of the Rivonia trial he was listed as an “undesirable”; and instead came to the UK, with his wife Vanetta, where he became a leading philanthropist for UK-registered South African causes.

His book The Rivonia Trial (1995) was republished as The State vs Nelson Mandela: The Trial that Changed South Africa (2007). He served as chair of Oxfam and was made a life peer in 2000. In 2002 he tabled a private member’s bill that sought to allow people to be given medical help to die under certain circumstances. The bill failed, but he re-introduced it in the Lords on several occasions before retiring due to failing health.

He is survived by Vanetta and their three daughters, Lisa, Abigail and Deborah. Abigail and Joel were instrumental in the purchase of the Greenhouse building in 1992 and shaping the structure of the Trust. We take this opportunity to remember their invaluable assistance and generosity they gave to The Greenhouse at that time.

Lady Vanetta Joffe,
Artist wife of Baron Joffe.
Society for all artists member.

Bruce Kent,
Vice-president of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
and the nations favourite peace campaigner.

Dr Mick Kelly,
Climate scientist, author and consultant with Tanelorn Associates, New Zealand.He is an associate staff member of the Stockholm Environment Institute and operates ‘Tiempo’ a climate change cyberlibrary’ with his wife Sarah Granich.

Marchioness of Worcester,
Filmaker (Pig Business) , actress and environment campaigner. Julian Assange freedom campaigner. Signatory to the Greenhouse Trust’s successful appeal to purchase and renovate the Greenhouse building.

Peter Melchett

Peter Melchett died in the closing week of Summer 2018. Those of you who worked with him will know what an extraordinary man he was, a true campaigner all his days. Policy Director for the Soil Association for 18 years, and Executive Director for Greenpeace. We first got to know him as he prepared to join the protest that destroyed the GM crop on a farm in Lyng, Norfolk. Always a passionate advocate for organic farming and food, he had begun to work with the Greenhouse Trust as appeal patron for the eARTh project. We will miss him, but we remain inspired by his words and deeds.

Trustees and Directors

Frankie Abel,
Retired site manager and builder.

Kathryn Amos,
Lecturer in Sedimentology at the Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide; teaches geology and engineering students and researches the sedimentary record in modern and ancient environments.

Margaret Charnley (Chair),
Works for government on soils and contaminated land policy, and active in a number of local community groups including the WI.

Lamon French – Book-keeper,
Economics and Finance student at UEA currently being tutored by Peter Ellington as a Director of Green City Central (the Greenhouse Trust’s trading company).

Alex Ives,
Chief Audio Engineer at Soundkiss Studios Taipei Artist Village. Edinburgh university graduate, specialising in Mandarin Chinese to English translation.

Roger Leaton,
Former BT manager and Friends of the Earth transport campaigner.

Trust Staff and Volunteers

Fine art and printing BA graduate, Norwich School of Art
Greenhouse designer, Gallery and Building Manager

Greg Smith,
Website and social media designer/technician.
Working on PhD in Economics alongside Brett Day and Ian Bateman at University of East Anglia.

Sylvia Abel,
Booksales, recycling and fund-raising.

Shop and Company Staff

Tom Loudon,
Committed exponent of organic food and drink. Leads regular wine tastings of quality organic, biodynamic, no-added-sulphur and vegan wines from small, independent producers.

Sam Tawn,

Delivers cafe services – cooking, baking, front of house, working alongside our valued volunteers. Also teaches Capoeira (though not in the kitchen).