Rise 2015 – Virtual Journey

This year’s International Climate Conference (COP21) will take place in Le Bourget Paris from 30th November to 11th December 2015. In the run up to this major international event, the Greenhouse will host a series of exhibitions exploring the various impacts that climate change is having on our lives and on the future for us all. Greenhouse volunteers and staff plan to be amongst the thousands of groups making sure that the Paris conference generates genuine international progress on climate change.

Create your own virtual journey from Norwich to Paris and join the call for action on climate change

rise 2015

You might want to swim the 30km equivalent from ‘Dover to Calais’ by swimming 1km or 2km each week at you local swimming pool. Or you might want to run the equivalent 100km from ‘Norwich to London’ by running 5km each weekend. You might like to walk the equivalent of the 10km from ‘Paris to the Climate Conference Centre in Le Bourget’ by working to work on specific days. Or you might like to take the total ‘Norwich to Paris’ challenge and the complete the equivalent of the entire journey by cycling, running, swimming, and/or walking the whole 600km.

If you are considering undertaking your chosen journey distance, Please register by using the form below or emailing contact@greenhousetrust.co.uk.

We need to know, your name, email, distance chosen and how you are going to cover that distance (swim, cycle walk etc).

Once we have your details we will email you a sponsor form.

Please enter your contact details and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.