Fairtrade Celebration

Fairtrade Celebration

An evening of Fairtrade, fairly traded, organic food and wine

Friday 9th March


£22 in advance only

(early booking advised)

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Fairtrade for many people means that products from exotic countries have been traded in a way that creates both a fair income for the grower and a sustainable crop.

What we don’t so often hear about Fairtrade are the other stipulations that are required before the logo can be used on a product. In a world of speculative food markets and corporate globalisation, how do we use our consumer power when faced with the contradictions of supermarket chains selling Fairtrade produce, whilst treating their own suppliers and staff unfairly? How feasible is it to maintain long-term trading relationships in a globalised economy and how does this goal fit with our need to lower our carbon footprint?

Fairtrade certification commits to more than just the guarantee of a fair price. The logo provides us with reassurance that any price premium we pay on goods supports producers and the environment and strengthens each community’s ability to organise and develop good environmental practice. Increasingly, producers have sought to align Fairtrade and organic standards, creating both better working conditions and removing the use of pesticides, herbicides and fossil fuel based fertilizers. This in turn, helps to safeguard pollinators, food quality and mitigate climate change.

This event is a celebration of fair trade, as well as an invitation to support the campaign work that our suppliers are involved in. To start the evening, you will be treated to the delightfully subtle flavours of Sam’s sourdough bread, served with Palestinian olive oil and Za’atar. Sam has volunteered and worked at the Greenhouse for more than five years and is passionate about breadmaking. He will be here to serve his bread and to highlight an important issue. Namely, how often do we have a face-to-face interaction with the person who has made the food we eat?  This is a chance to reflect on how we can reduce the number of impersonal relationships that dominate our food production system…

We are particularly keen to promote Zaytoun products, which carry a Fairtrade logo. These delicious ingredients are harvested in areas where live gunfire is just one of the risks of being a farmer!

Hugely popular for its nutritional properties, quinoa is traditionally an Andean crop, with Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia being the main producing countries. Hodmedods in the UK are now cultivating quinoa in Essex too. You will be able to taste black, red and white quinoa and these will be accompanied by seeds and vegetables to reflect their place of origin and different qualities.

And then back to safer territory, chocolate… probably the product most associated with Fairtrade, and one of our favourite Fairtrade products too.

All three courses come with wines selected by Tom. The dessert wine has Fairtrade accredation and is produced by Stellar Organics, which is part owned by the workers (i.e. by black South Africans – a real rarity!). ‘Salvaje’ is our chosen BIG red wine, made by Emiliana who were the first major organic and biodynamic vineyard in Chile. Set up in 1986, at a time when modernity in Chile often meant injudicious use of chemical sprays, Emiliana now have very holistic vineyards and educate their workers to grow their own organic food. Closer to home, the white wine selected for the evening is Meinklang’s Gruner Veltliner. Meinklang is a closed-loop biodynamic mixed farm which celebrates many of the luxuries that we also enjoy as Europeans.


The Evening’s Menu:


Handcrafted sourdough, using a starter cultivated by Sam...
with Palestinian olive oil and Za’atar to dip

Served with a glass of Meinklang’s Gruner Veltliner
A zesty Austrian white wine 


Black bean stew served with three themed Quinoa Salads

New World Quinoa
Fairtrade black quinoa, roast squash and pumpkin seeds

British Quinoa
British white quinoa, roast leeks, roast beetroot, garnished with fresh parsley and cider vinegar dressing

Conflict Quinoa
Fairtrade red quinoa, dressed Palestinian Za’atar, cumin, lemon and  Palestinian olive oil

Served with a glass of Salvaje – a Big red Chilean wine.


Fairtrade chocolate and banana cake

Served with a small glass of Heaven On Earth
A Fairtrade, organic dessert wine from South Africa.


All food organic

Sourced from Folland Organics, row A Norwich Market, & the Greenhouse shop.