Befitting the Season

Befitting The Season

Organic Wine Tasting

Friday 8th December – sold out

&  Saturday 9th December


£22 in advance only

(early booking advised)

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Winter. The days are dark. The nights are long. The air is cold. The ground is sleeping; the earth hordes its heat, conserving its energy till the days lengthen, till the light returns.

In the bottle, stored sunshine. Springs, summers and autumns past captured in this fermented grape juice. With a corkscrew and a pop, or a twist of the wrist, each unique little world, preserved but evolving, can be released and enjoyed, brightening the evening’s dark, offering us reinvigorating warmth.

Whether we celebrate Christmas, or wish to boil celebrants in their own puddings, many of us will enjoy a bottle, or several, at this time of year. So why not really enjoy it? Why not treat yourself to something worth relishing? Something that celebrates the bounty of harvest, offers bold and defined flavours, and leaves you with a head that can still think the morning after.

Many drinkers in the UK have boom or bust consumption habits; either “being good” (abstaining) or “being bad” (drinking to the point of insensibility, oblivion and regret). Hopes of “continental style drinking” (ie., being able to taste, and remember, what you had) have been largely dashed, as many drinkers still value volume over quality.

Let’s make the change… spend a bit more on some good organic wine, savour it and remember it. And yes, you will be able to tell the difference (both at the time and the next day). When people say they can’t tell one wine from another, they are often drinking entry level wine – and at that price point, the differences are less defined. It takes lower yields (ie., growing fewer

bunches per vine) of better quality fruit to give you varietal character the definition of flavour that helps you identify this is Merlot, and this is Cabernet Sauvignon.

If you’re still learning about wine (and let’s be honest, which of us isn’t?), a tasting is a great way to sample and understand the differences, and get to know your personal preferences. And if you’re a wine expert, our end of year tasting will offer you a treat too. A liquid meal, and a veritable feast. Two sparklers that scream celebration to start; good alternatives, and comparable quality, to Champagne: a Crémant de Limoux, and an English Pinot Noir rosé.

Then, the meat of the tasting, designed to pair with succulent and hearty winter meals – a fresh, clean and mineral natural white Burgundy from hundred-year-old vines; and two full bodied reds; one inky purple Chilean Syrah, which is lent a little levity through blending with Roussanne, a white grape, as was the tradition in the Northern Rhône, France, the European heartland of Syrah. The outrageous fruit of this sulphite-free wine is arresting; a perfect counterpoint to the sweet spice of the following wine, a Priorat. If you’re new to Priorat, this area in Penedès, Spain (Catalonia?) has come to rival Rioja in reputation for producing quality full bodied red wines.

To round off our liquid meal, a sweet palate cleanser. The sumptuous apricot fruits of Stellar Organics ‘Heaven on Earth’ lives up to its immodest billing, and makes a perfect counterpoint to dried fruits – ideal for fruit cakes, and for seasonal puddings.

The evening’s line up:

  1. Passion Crémant de Limoux, Brut, Delmas. Languedoc, France. Grape varieties: Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Noir. 12.5%, £15.95 .  Served with salted popcorn
  2. Limney Rosé, Quality English Sparkling Wine, Davenport Vineyards 2014. Kent / Sussex, England. Grape varieties: Pinot Noir / Chardonnay. 12% abv., £28.50.  Served with toasted cashew nuts
  3.  Vieilles Vignes Mâcon-Villages 2015. Burgundy, France. Grape variety: Chardonnay. 12%, £14.95.  Served with Lye Cross Wensleydale cheese
  4. Salvaje, Emiliana 2015. Casablanca, Chile. Grape varieties: Syrah / Roussanne. 14.5%, £13.95. Served with roasted squash wedges
  5. 1270 a Vuit, Priorat Fina, Hidalgo Albert 2013. Penedès, Spain (Catalonia?). Grape varieties: Grenache / Syrah / Merlot / Cabernets Sauvignon & Franc. 14.5%, £15.95.  Served with kale salad & tahini dressing
  6.  Muscat ‘Heaven on Earth’, Stellar Organics. Western Cape, South Africa. Grape variety: Muscat d’Alexandrie. 11%, £9.95 (half bottle).  Served with Palestinean medjool dates & caramelised almonds

All food organic

sourced from Folland Organics, row A Norwich Market,

& the Greenhouse shop.  Vegan alternatives available on request. Please advise when booking.

Bread from the Timberhill Bakery

Feedback from recent organic wine tastings:

‘Very interesting variety’

‘Enjoyable & sociable evening’

‘The wine and food pairings were phenomenal’