What could it be this time?


A Blind Tasting of Organic Wines

SATURDAY 21 October


£22 in advance only

(early booking advised)


The aim of blind tasting is to remove prejudice, and to put you in the moment with the wine in front of you, without being swayed by foreknowledge, or past experience. No, we won’t blindfold you. But nor will we tell you what the wines are, where they’re from – and how much they cost.

The key piece of information for many is the price. Often, people will remember a price point above all else – forget the label, the region, the producer – but remember how much it costs. Most of us have a fixed idea of how much we would pay for a bottle of wine – this much for everyday drinking, this much for a special occasion. And the price of the bottle is the biggest creator of expectation – “that’s great value for a tenner” or “I wouldn’t pay £20 for that!”

We’re not trying to catch you out – you’ll be tasting six organic wines from the Greenhouse’s range. We won’t throw in a Blossom Hill Zinfandel Rosé to make you look silly. But they will be wines at different price points, and differing levels of ambition.

The aim isn’t to get it right (though it’s a good party trick!). The aim is to put experience before judgement – taste this deep coloured red rather than declare in advance that you don’t like Cabernet Sauvignon.

Part of the fun is to try and identify the wine. You can be a bit strategic about this – is it pale or deeply coloured? Is it high or low in acidity? Does it taste of strawberries or backcurrants? Is it high or low in alcohol?

Let’s be sporting and give you a hint: the wines will be drawn from six different European countries – France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria and England, and will be a mixture of white and red. If identifying them seems too ambitious, you can match them up with the countries. Cooler climate wines tend to be lighter in body and lower in alcohol, with higher natural acidity, and are more often white than red; wines from hotter climes tend towards higher alcohol, fuller body and more robust flavours, and are more often red than white.

The wines will be accompanied with a tasting plate of organic foods, emphasising local and seasonal produce. Please advise when booking if you are vegan, or have any special dietary requirements. Our tastings are unpretentious, sociable and fun, suitable for experts and novices alike.

On the menu:

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Served with a tasting plate of organic food.

Sourced from Folland Organics, row A Norwich Market, & the Greenhouse shop. Bread from Timberhill Bakery.

Vegan alternatives available on request. PLEASE advise when booking.

Feedback from ‘Cult of Maturity’, our last organic wine tastings:

‘A wide-ranging and interesting journey’

‘Excellent – the food and wine combinations v. good – and the company too!

‘A very friendly and informative evening’